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Mr. Mazur has handled numerous complex litigation matters and has achieved successful results for his clients in those matters.  Mr. Mazur focuses on brining "big firm" quality litigation expertise with the value and personal attention provided by a small firm.    


He has represented a majority shareholder in a dispute between shareholders in a business with tens of millions of dollars in revenue, where he successfully defeated efforts to compel distributions, defeated efforts to compel reinstatement of employment, effectively compelled a buyout of the adverse party’s shares, and negotiated the purchase price of those shares. 

In a related defamation suit brought by the adverse shareholder against his shareholder client, Mr. Mazur obtained complete dismissal of the suit before any discovery was conducted.  That dismissal was affirmed on appeal. 

In another matter involving a clothing producing entity of the same economic magnitude, he defeated efforts by the adverse shareholders to compel the sale of his client’s shares, while prevailing on his client’s cross motion to compel the adversaries to sell their shares.  He also defeated the adverse shareholders’ efforts to obtain reinstatement of employment and to compel the distribution of profits.  The payment of legal fees on behalf of the majority shareholders by the corporate entity was also found to be appropriate in that matter, despite the challenge made by the adversaries.  Mr. Mazur’s client’s removal of the adverse shareholders from the governing board was also upheld despite the adversaries’ challenge to that action.  

In yet another matter involving a warehouse business, the majority shareholders, who were denied access to information, books and records and had had little prior experience and participation with the business, were granted full control of the entity (including all bank accounts and monies) within weeks of filing suit, as a result of an Order to Show Cause filed by Mr. Mazur. 

In a case involving an entity that develops, owns, rents, and sells commercial real estate, Mr. Mazur successfully negotiated a buyout upon terms favorable to his clients. 

Mr. Mazur’s experience and success in litigating or negotiating disputes between closely-held shareholders is unmatched. 


Mr. Mazur prevailed on behalf of the owners of Solberg Airport in the published August 19, 2009, opinion in Readington Township v. Solberg Aviation Company, et al., 409 N.J. Super. 282 (App.Div. 2009), involving the Township’s attempt to take the Airport property by eminent domain.  In that opinion, the Appellate Division held that the court below improperly granted summary judgment to the Township on the issue of whether the Township had the authority to take the property for the purported purpose of “open space”, or whether “open space” was a pretext designed to disguise the Township’s actual unlawful purpose of restricting the growth of the Airport.  The Appellate Division remanded the matter back to the trial court with lengthy instructions as to the limits on the Township’s authority to take the property.  The Appellate Division also held that, contrary to the holding of the court below, the Township could not impose property taxes on the Airport owners for the time during which a Declaration of Taking, giving title to the Township, remained of record. 

Mr. Mazur has successfully handled numerous employment-related suits and claims, including a number of claims asserted against Municipal entities.  Mr. Mazur has represented both employers and employees in discrimination and employment related lawsuits. 

Mr. Mazur has also succeeded, on behalf of employer-clients, in enjoining former employees from competing in violation of a non-compete agreement.  Conversely, on behalf of employee-clients, Mr. Mazur has prevailed in having competition restraints rendered void, or substantially limited so as to allow the employee to continue working in a successor job. 

Mr. Mazur has litigated numerous contract disputes, including multi-million dollar contract disputes between commercial entities. 

Mr. Mazur obtained favorable settlements on behalf of Nestle Waters (maker of Poland Spring Water) in a number of class action consumer fraud-type lawsuits that challenged the veracity of Poland Spring advertising.  Those favorable settlement terms were obtained following a number of legal rulings on motions by Mr. Mazur that eroded the plaintiffs’ claims and substantially reduced the value of those claims. 

Mr. Mazur won the Morris County Bar Association Mock Trial Contest for young attorneys in 2001. 

Mr. Mazur also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Seton Hall Law School, where he teaches Appellate Advocacy, and has done so since 2002. 

In 2014, Mr. Mazur was selected as a Superlawyer Rising Star.

The above constitutes a mere sample of Mr. Mazur’s achievements in the practice of law.

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